Q & A

Q & A

Q: Are there any specific methods to carry out the competing subject?

A: There is no specific restriction as long as the idea addresses to problem solutions related to instrument technology and is highly realizable in practical situation.

Q: Can the improvement or refinement of experimental instruments be taken as the exploitation of instrument?

A: Yes.

Q: Is there a standard template of proposal?

A: Yes, please refer to the event website. You can find the proposal template from the "registration" sidebar.

Q: Do I need to submit a real model?

A: If possible, a real model can help the judges to understand more about your idea. If it is however rarely possible to make a real model, you may provide any additional materials that can help to illustrate your idea.

Q: How to submit the proposal or model?

A: You can send it via email to i-one@itrc.org.tw or via post to 20, R&D Rd. VI, Hsinchu Science Park, 30076 Hsinchu, Taiwan (i-ONE Instrument Innovation Competition)

Q: Can I submit more than 1 subject to the competition?

A: Yes.

Q: If I submit more than 1 subject to the competition, how is it charged for registration?

A: Each registration grants the submission of only one subject. If you intend to submit more than 1 subject, you should register for each subject separately.

Q: Does the representative in the registration form indicate any different status or meaning?

A: Each team member is equal. The representative is the contact person of your team.

Q: In what way will the competing subject to be judged?

A: The subjects will be judged based on its creativity, correctness of theory, and if it is realizable in practical terms.

Q: I've already submitted my student ID copy, why is it still necessary to submit my personal ID copy?

A: Age is the main distinguishing factor between youth and amateur group. That's why we need your personal ID to identify your age and to see if you register to the right group.

Q: By the time of registration I am still a student, but when time comes to the preliminary and final competition I will be graduated from school. Am I eligible to the competition?

A: Yes, the student identity is recognized upon the date of registration.