Q & A
Competition Winners

Presentation Time and Sequence of Final Competition

Time No. Presenter Proposal Title
08:30-09:00 Registration
09:00-09:25 A1 CHEN-WEI WANG Development and application of a surface quality improvement system for rapid prototyping
09:25–09:50 A3 PING KAO Fluid Pendulum-type Viscoelastic Spectroscopy (FPVS)
09:50–10:15 A5 CHE-SHIN PONG Measurement of contouring errors and compensation on Five-axis CNC machine Tools
10:15–10:30 Break Time
10:30–10:55 A6 YI-XUAN WANG High precision in-line thickness inspection system for optical thin films
10:55–11:20 A7 YIN-SHIUAN HUANG Micro Flow Measurement Techniques Using Dark-Field Illumination
11:20–11:45 A9 HUA-FENG KAO The alignment and inspection instrument for elastic collet cutting process
11:45–11:55 Group Photo at the lobby and front gate of ITRC
11:55–12:30 Lunch
12:30–14:00 Review of prototype/poster demonstration by the committee
14:00–14:20 B1 YU-CHIA HUANG To Accomplish the Phantom Projection
14:20–14:40 B4 ZI-XIANG YAN Wisdom Power Detector
14:40–15:00 B5 KE-HUA HUANG The audio transmission apparatus based on bone-conduction
15:00–15:20 C1 MAN-CHEN LO Explore the world of light:improvement of optical experiments
15:20–17:00 Committee Conference / Break Time
17:00–18:20 Banquet
18:20–18:50 Award ceremony