Awards / Lists of Winners

The award database contains the official record of past i-ONE winners. The data is complete through the 2021 (13th) NARLabs i-ONE Instrument Technology Innovation Awards, presented on October 2, 2021.

■  The 2021 (13th) i-ONE Winners
High School Group
Award Affiliation Authors Proposal Title
1st Prize Yang-Tze High School Yu-Xin Peng, Fu-Chieh Tang, Csien-Ching-Chiu, En Ci Li, Yen Han Chang Innovates the Pure River Water Processing System
College & Above Group
Award Affiliation Authors Proposal Title
1st Prize National Tsing Hua University Yi-En Chou, Yu-Hsuan Chen, Chieh Wang Automatic Measurement Instrument for Macro and Micro-scale Stresses
2nd Prize National Chung Hsing University Ting-Rong Liu, Yi-Ping Su Ultrasonic Vibration Amplitude and Tool Profile Measurement of the Cutting Tool Based on the Vision-based Method
3rd Prize National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University Chun-Hao Shih, Hung-Cheng Shih Sepsis Prediction System for Critical Care Intelligence
Honorable Mention National Chin-Yi University of Technology Tzu-Hao Liao, Yu-Yu Lin, Jyuan-Yu Chen, Yi-Jyun Lee, Zhong-Wei Yang Cutting Temperature Combined with Chip Color Change Tool Life Prediction System
Honorable Mention National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Chi Minh Truong An Automatic Optical Inspection System for PMMA Microfluidic Chips With Y-shaped Microchannel
Honorable Mention Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology Kun-Shu Rao, Jian-Jia Huang Development of High Precision Portable Coordinate Measuring Machine