Eligibility & Limitations

NARLabs i-ONE Instrument Technology Innovation Competition is open to students with innovative ideas.
Contestants are required to register the corresponding groups differentiated by the level of student identity. The groups are divided as follows:

  • High School group:
    including students from grade 7-12 (or equivalent) junior high schools, senior high schools, vocational schools, and grade 1-3 students from 5-year junior colleges or equivalent.
  • College and Above group:
    including undergraduate/graduate students from universities or colleges, and grade 4-5 students from 5-year junior colleges or equivalent.

The eligibility of contestants is defined upon the time of registration. The identity of a new graduate is eligible.

Each contestant has to submit a copy of student ID or a valid certificate of enrollment.

Each team has no more than 5 members. Each student may enter more than one team.

All domestic and international students competing in i-ONE must download the Contest Proposal Template on the website and adhere to all the rules as set forth in the document.