1. Purpose
The NARLabs i-ONE Instrument Technology Innovation Competition established by the Taiwan Instrument Research Institute of Taiwan aims to boost the innovation and development of instrument technology from the threshold. The competition is exclusively open for students, and its propaganda will be distributed to high schools, colleges, universities and graduate schools in Taiwan and the broad Asia region. It offers a wide array of advantages in improving the sponsors' image, prestige and public exposure in instrumentation and measurement circles by supporting this event.

2. How to sponsor?

  • Any individual, corporation, government affiliation, etc. are all welcome.
  • Please fill out the sponsorship form and return it to the designated staff indicated on the form.
  • All required documents have to be received before September 30, 2020 to complete the sponsorship.
  • The minimum amount of sponsorship is NTD $ 5,000 by any currencies in equivalent amount.

3. Sponsorship Benefits

  • The sponsors' title and logo will be published on the event webpage.
  • Sponsors who provide funds exceeding NTD $ 50,000 are granted one single color page of A4 size for free advertisement on the bimonthly periodical "Instruments Today "published by the Taiwan Instrument Research Institute. (TIRI reserves the right to advertisement publishes.)

4. Payment

  • Sponsorship qualification will be confirmed only upon receipt of payment.
  • All payment should be received before September 30, 2020.
  • Payment can be made by following methods:
    • By cash: Please send it in person, or mail it with registered mail.
    • By postal money order/sight draft:
      • Name of applicant: Taiwan Instrument Research Institute
      • Mail it with registered mail.
    • By bank wire transfer:

Beneficiary's Name Taiwan Instrument Research Institute
Beneficiary A/C No 073-001-10777-3
Beneficiary's Bank Name Bank of Taiwan, Science-Based Industrial Park Br.
Swift Code BKTWTWTP073
Bank Address 2F, 5 Industry E. Road VI, Science Based Industrial Park, Hsinchu, Taiwan R.O.C.

5. Contact
 Ms. Carol WU (Services & Promotion Division, Taiwan Instrument Research Institute)
 20, R&D Road VI, Hsinchu Science Park, Hsinchu 30076 Taiwan R.O.C.
 +886-3-577-9911 ext. 105
 Email: i-one@narlabs.org.tw