• I.

    In order to promote the research and development of instrument technology, Taiwan Instrument Research Institute (TIRI) establishes NARLabs i-ONE Instrument Technology Innovation Competition.

  • II.

    The target of this competition ranges from high school students, college students, and professional personnel.

  • III.

    Contestants are divided into the following groups:
    Creative Instrument Technology Contest:
     Group: High School Group & College & Above Group
     Award: Each group will be awarded only one first, second, and third place, while the honorable mention may be more than one.

    Anyone eligible for the Creative Instrument Technology Contest may get enrolled. One first, second, and third place will be awarded.

  • IV.

    The steering committee consisting of members from various instrument related fields will be supervising the competition. The advisory committee will recruit instrument professionals as the steering committee member on an annual basis. The convener of the steering committee is to be voted by the committee members, while the criteria and regulation of the competition is also yield for revision by the steering committee.

  • V

    TIRI will establish an organizing crew to process the administrative and relevant affairs of the competition.

  • VI.

    A public prize award ceremony will be held by TIRI each year.

  • VII.

    This statement, when released and revised, shall become effective upon the approval of the deputy director of TIRI.