1. This guideline indicates the mandated operation principles and procedures of NARLabs i-ONE Instrument Technology Innovation Competition initiated by Taiwan Instrument Research Institute (TIRI) of National Applied Research Laboratories, Taiwan.
2. Periodic meetings will be held by the steering committee for the election and renewal of committee members and for the revision and modification over the competition guidelines.

3. Contestant Eligibility & Registration
Contestants MUST be students. Contestants are required to register the corresponding groups differentiated by the level of student identity. Please refer to the following chart,

Group Registration Fee Prize Remarks
High School 0 1st Prize: 80,000
2nd Prize: 40,000
3rd Prize: 20,000
Honorable Mention: 8,000
*Special Mention
Each group to the final competition will be presented a $2,000 prize.
A $5,000 prize and a certificate of appreciation will be presented to the instructors of the top four groups.
College & Above 2,000 1st Prize: 100,000
2nd Prize: 50,000
3rd Prize: 25,000
Honorable Mention: 10,000
*Special Mention
Each group to the final competition will be presented a $4,000 prize.
A certificate of appreciation will be presented to the instructors of the top four groups.
*The registration fee and prize are charged in New Taiwan Dollars.
*The awarding of Special Mention depends on the sponsorship condition.

The eligibility of contestants is defined upon the time of registration. Please note that the 1st to 3rd graders of five-year college programs are defined in High School group. Each contestant has to submit a copy of student ID or certificate of enrollment; for foreign applicants, a copy of personal identification (or passport) is needed as well. The members of each contesting group shall not exceed 5 people.

Please apply the standard format for contest proposal writing. The template is available on Registration on the official website.

To start registration, first fill out the registration form. Registration is open until August 2, 2022. The registration will be complete upon our receiving of registration form and registration fee. For overseas contestants, please contact the staff for payment method. Contestants shall submit a proposal along with any other supporting materials (optional).

For registration and submission, please send to Ms. Szu-Ying (Carol) Wu at i-one@narlabs.org.tw or to the post address: NARLabs i-ONE Instrument Technology Innovation Competition Staff at No. 20, R&D Rd. VI, Hsinchu Science Park, Hsinchu 300092, Taiwan. Any questions shall be direct to the phone at +886-3-577-9911 ext: 105.

4. Selection
Competition selection will be performed in three rounds:
Round 1, Registration Eligibility: The staff will examine the eligibility of each group of contestants based on the eligibility requirements. The list of eligible contestants will be announced on the official website. For encouraging students' participation at high school level, High School group are welcomed to submit either educational instrument or scientific instrument to the competition.

Phase 2, Preliminary Competition: Contestants should submit a proposal elaborating their ideas. The steering committee will review and evaluate the proposals based on its creativity, feasibility, theory, and cost. Proposals approved by the steering committee will be announced on the official website, and the author(s) will be awarded with certificates and are therefore qualified to the final competition.

Phase 3, Final Competition: Contestants to the final competition should perform an oral proposal presentation or model demonstration on a designated time in person or through teleconference to the steering committee. The committee will interview each group of contestants and elect the top three groups, honorable mentions and special mentions. Scenarios when no appropriate candidate is to be awarded, the prizes will be left without winners.

To be noted, certificate of participation will only be awarded to eligible contestants while those who enter the competition will be honored with the prize certificate.
5. Prize Award Ceremony
The winners of each group, their proposals, presentation and demonstration will be announced on the website and the prize award ceremony.
6. Official Website
For all the information about NARLabs i-ONE Instrument Technology Innovation Competition, please refer to the following website: http://i-one.org.tw.