• Step 1

    Proposal Template Download

     All domestic and international students competing in i-ONE must download the Contest Proposal Template on the website and adhere to all the rules as set forth in the document.

  • Step 2

    Online Registration

     Each team must fill out the registration form online and upload their student ID (or a valid certificate of enrollment) and Contest Proposal to the website during registration.

  • Step 3

    Online Payment

     High school level: 0
     College and above level: NTD$ 2,000
     The registration will only be completed upon the registration fee is received.

  • Step 4

    Registration Eligibility Examination

     The eligibility of contestants is defined upon the time of registration.
     A copy of student ID or a valid certificate of enrollment is required during registration.
     Only the contestants who pass the eligibility examination can enter the competition.

  • Step 5

    Preliminary Competition

     Only the proposals adhered to all the rules as set forth in the format template can enter the preliminary competition.
     Final competition contestants will receive individual notice.

  • Step 6

    Preliminary Competition Announcement

     The result of preliminary competition will be announced on i-ONE website in 30 days after registration deadline.
     Final competition contestants will receive individual notice.

  • Step 7

    Final Competition

     Contestants to the final competition must perform an oral proposal presentation and model demonstration in person on the designated time to the steering committee.
     Final Competition Request Form must be completely filled out and uploaded on the website at least 3 days before the final competition.

  • Step 8

    Award Ceremony

     The committee will elect the top three groups, honorable mentions and special mentions. Scenarios when no appropriate candidate is to be awarded, the prizes will be left without winners.
     The winners of each group, their proposals, presentation and demonstration will be announced on the website.
     The award ceremony will be held after the final competition on the same day.

  • Step 9


     Certificate of participation will only be awarded to eligible contestants.

     Those who enter the competition will be honored with the prize certificate.
The organizer reserves the right to amend and cancel the competition at any time after the announcement on the website. Participants may go online for attention. In case of any dispute, the organizer reserves the right of final decision.